Everything is PLANT BASED !!

QSu™ Cafe Menu


*Plain Cold Tea 3.75 *Plain Hot Tea: 3.95 Choice of Tea:

Black, Cinnamon, Earl Grey, Green, Green Mint, Raspberry Caffeine Free tea: Hibiscus.

*Organic Teatulia Tea - 12 oz Can 2.45

*Add-Ins 0.50 (add to any drink) Boba, Fruit (strawberry, blueberry, Dragon Fruit.),

*Milk Tea 4.50 (Oat Milk)

sweetness Level - No Sugar / Light Sugar / Normal Sugar Ice Level – Less ice / Normal Ice

*Smoothie - 16 oz 6.25( add boba for 0.50)

Mixed Berry -- mixed berries (strawberry and blueberry), banana, apple, and orange juice




*Oat Milk Shake - 16 oz 5.95 (add boba for 0.50!)

*Oat Milk Shake - Flavored 6.45 peanut butter, Chocolate, Oreo Cookies, or fruit (banana, blueberry, dragon fruit, strawberry)

*Other Drinks

Lemonade 3.50 Fruity Lemonade 4.00 (Strawberry, Blueberry, Dragon Fruit)

Everything is PLANT BASED!!

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We use gluten free soy sauce and gluten free flour in all our cooking.

Appetizers GF = Gluten Free

GFKing Trumpet Mushroom Fries (3.0 oz) 6.95 ▪Curry Samosa (3 pcs) 5

▪Egg Roll (3pcs) 5 ▪Egg Roll (1pc) 1.85 ▪Pot stickers (3pcs) 5 Thai Chicken Skewer $6.95

▪Konjac Ball Thai Chicken ( 1 skewer, NO veggie) 4.25 ▪Konjac Ball (6) 5 ▪GF Tofu Nuggets 6.95

Soup Konjac Ball Shiitake Mushroom Soup 2.95

Entrees$9.75 (serve with steamed rice, or plain noodles) 1.00 extra for extra veggies, $4.75 extra protein 3.5 oz

All entrees contain onion, celery, zucchini, and carrots. Mixed veggies also contain broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers.

GF – mixed veggies, mushroom, mushroom & veggies, tofu,

¯Pick your sauce: all sauces can be made mild, medium, or very spicy

GF ▪Curry GF ▪Kung Pao (contains peanuts, chili, jalapeño and bell pepper) GF ▪Sesame

▪Soybean ▪ Spicy Soybean GF ▪Sweet & Sour GF ▪Sweet & Spicy GF ▪ Teriyaki

¯Pick your protein/ mushroom /or veggie only

▪Beef ▪Broccoli + any Protein ▪Chicken ▪ Chicken - Thai ▪Konjac Ball ▪ Meatball

GF ▪Mixed veggies GF ▪Mushroom GF ▪Mushroom Veggies GF ▪Tofu

Rice & Noodles (single) 1.00 extra veggies, $4.75 extra protein 3.5 oz

¯Lo Mein 7.50 (garlic, onion, green onion, celery, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts)

¯Lo Mein with choice of the following 9.75

▪Beef ▪Chicken ▪ Chicken - Thai ▪Konjac Ball ▪ Meatball ▪Mixed Veggies ▪Mushroom

▪Mushroom Veggie ▪Tofu

¯GF Fried Rice 7.50 (green onion, onion, peas, carrots)

¯Fried Rice with choice of the following 9.75

▪Beef ▪Chicken - Breaded ▪ Chicken - Thai ▪Konjac Ball ▪ Meatball ▪Mixed Veggies ▪Mushroom

▪Mushroom Veggie ▪Tofu

¯Taiwanese Braised Soy Crumbles Rice or Noodle Bowl 7.50 add veggies $1.00

Revised 9/23/2022

100% vegan, plant-based Asian foode
Materials used are compostable/biodegradable
Premium America-grown tea